European Project B2-InF - "Be Better Informed about Fertility" - guidelines for the improvement of information provided by fertility clinics


After more than two years of research and analysis, the European Project B2-InF - "Be Better Informed about Fertility" has produced recommendation guidelines for the improvement of information provided by fertility clinics in eight European countries, including Belgium. 

Next to an analysis of fertility clinic websites, interviews were conducted with young Europeans to find out their ideas on (in)fertility, medically assisted reproduction (MAR) and parenthood, and the information they require about MAR.  

The guidelines are divided in two sections: sociocultural/gender recommendations and legal recommendations.  

You can see the specific recommendations for each country in the complete guideline in the following link: (Dutch) - extended version for Belgium only (English) - overview of all countries 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are also available to participate in any event that might be organized for the diffusion and discussion of the guidelines. 

With kind regards,

On behalf of The Walking Egg vzw
Willem Ombelet  

On behalf of the University of Antwerp
Kristien Hens
Joke Struyf

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